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Mar 30 2002

I got an email today from the International Festiv…

I got an email today from the International Festival of Cinema and Technology. They have accepted The End for their festival in Toronto.


This is so cool. My reaction was basically “You’re kidding! No shit! Toronto?” Although it’s unlikely that I’ll have the funds to actually go, I would still like to, just to see one of my films at a real festival. Then again, there’s always the old Groucho Marxist instinct, i.e., how prominent could any film festival that wanted to show one of my films be? Ach, I’m not going to think about that, though. I’m just happy to have gotten this letter.

Back here in Taiwan, the weather this Saturday morn is cold, gray and rainy. In a couple of hours Dean and I will be heading down to Taichung for a couple of days to attend our mutual friend and former co-worker Mark’s wedding in Puli. I haven’t been down to Taichung in a while. Should be interesting to see how it’s changed since I last saw it. It’s been even longer since I was in Puli, not far from Sun Moon Lake, which I swam across over ten years ago. Damn near took me ten years to cross the thing, too. Hopefully the area will stay earthquake-free for another 97 years, since the 99/9/21 quake supposedly only happens once every century. If not, at least I’ll get some interesting pictures.

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