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Apr 16 2002

I got a couple of emails today, notwithstanding th…

I got a couple of emails today, notwithstanding the 350+ articles of spam I get in each of my email accounts. Surely these spammers have lives. I’m certain people know who they are. If you know one, slap them for me, ok? If you are one, stay where you are; I’ll be right over with a hot poker and a VCD full of Andromeda episodes. You know, for torture.

One of the emails was from the Mirror Project, saying that my last submission has been posted. The other was from a reporter from ICRT who wants to do a feature interview with me. I’ve never done a radio interview before. It brings to mind scenes from movies like Grosse Point Blank and Almost Famous, though I doubt it could possibly be as interesting as all that.

Spring is here, of course, and I am thinking about making some more “Renegade Province” T-shirts. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new design, or should I use last year’s? Or maybe another theme altogether? I’ll definitely make larger shirts this time around, since cotton tends to shrink a bit more than I had expected. I think I’ll add the URL of this site to the design as well. Maybe I could even sell them at Oriented gatherings. There’s one next Thursday night, actually, over on one of the swankier sections of Anhe Rd.

The lights are on once again in our gigantic neighbor, the Taipei Financial Center, for the first time since the 3/31 earthquake. I guess they are going to restart construction again soon, but I think I’ll stay away from the thing anyway, just in case any more cranes come crashing down, feasibly ruining my entire lunch break.

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