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May 07 2002

Hmmm, the New York Times website has a button that…

Hmmm, the New York Times website has a button that says “Personalize your weather”. It’s about time one of these websites came out with a useful function. Let me see…*browses menu*…I’d like to keep the sunshine, yes, but reduce the heat and humidity a tad, please. Oh, and lose the smog.

I met up with Boogie last night and we went to see Spider-man at the theater next door to my office. I’d read some reviews of it beforehand, and while some people obviously feel that it wasn’t up to snuff intellectually speaking, most people seemed to be really into it. Upon seeing it for myself, I count myself among the latter. It was a masterful blend of action, humor and character development. No, it wasn’t the cinematic equivalent of a PhD in psychology, but the director knew his limitations and did an admirable job of telling the story, something at which many projects these days fail utterly. Yeah, the CGI will look dated in a few years, but the story will always be well-told, and that quality doesn’t fade with time. MJ was a little annoying, JJJ was perfect, Tobey Maquire did a great job, and Willem Dafoe portrayed the dual-nature of the Green Goblin without going overboard with it. My favorite line: “Work was murder. Oh, I picked up a fruitcake.”

Unfortunately the guy sitting behind us in the theater seemed to be a recently released mental patient, as he kept laughing hysterically whenever anyone in the film did anything. He also had the annoying habit of repeating the lines in the movie. Of all the days to have forgotten my sword…

I got another picture in the Mirror Project. Actually, I also got this one in a while ago as well, but forgot to mention it.

In other news, my friend Mindcrime will be arriving back in Taiwan this Sunday, the 12th, no doubt with all of his worldly possessions in tow. I told him I would meet him at the airport with a forklift. It will be interesting to show him how much Taipei has changed in the few years he has been away. Or maybe it hasn’t. It’s always hard to be objective when you’re living in once place all the time.

That irks me. Moving into the new office has, as I predicted, staved off the feeling that I am stagnating here, but it cannot prevent it completely. I’m not sure I want it to. More and more lately I’ve been feeling that I need to get out of here and move on. My friends tell me to “take a donkey to look for the horse”, as it goes in Chinese, i.e., I should keep a tight hold on this vine until I’ve got a hold on the next one, but who knows when that’s going to be? Ironically, the whole point of my film The End is that, although we fear the next step and kid ourselves that we don’t really need to take it, there really is no other way out. I just need to take my own advice.

I know myself well enough, however, to realize that when the bitching and moaning gets to a certain level, I’m going to do whatever it is I’m bitching and moaning about. I should remember that and just chill until I make my move.

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