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Nov 13 2002

"Do you think I’ll get beat up if I wear this?" I …

“Do you think I’ll get beat up if I wear this?” I asked the taxi driver today, holding up a blue do-rag with a funky iteration of the ROC flag embroidered on the top. He glanced at it and said no, he didn’t think so. I pressed on, saying “Even by rabid DPP types?”

“Look, I’m a pretty rabid DPP supporter, and I think it’s just patriotic to have the flag on your hat,” he said, ignoring the green light to convince me of his sincerity. Once we were moving again, we began talking about the upcoming mayoral election. “I really should vote for Lee Ying-yuan (the DPP candidate), but all he did during the debates was hem and haw and change the subject, while Ma Ying-jeou (the incumbent KMT candidate) answered all of the questions very clearly and in a straightforward fashion. I don’t know what to do, really,” he said, scratching his head. “Can you vote?”

I told him that I could vote but not in these elections as my residency is in Sanchung. “Well, anyway, you won’t get beat up,” he said. I told him I’d call him if I did.

I uploaded my first video clip for those with broadband connections and an interest in seeing a bit more of what I see in Taiwan. Basically a walk through the old Shilin Night Market, which has since been torn down, the clip is 2.6mb in size. I know, it’s a tad large. I’ll try to make shorter ones in the future. I like it, though. Listen to the sounds of the hawkers shouting at passers-by.

And, as if that weren’t enough, I’ve also uploaded a little tour of my new abode, for those with just too much time on their hands (you know who you are).

How much would YOU pay for all of this? But wait! There’s more! I’ve also got more Mirror Project pictures up. Act now and we’ll even throw in a new shower curtain to sweeten the deal!

Oh wait, it’s all free. Never mind.

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