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Aug 09 2002

Change of plans: Since my company can’t seem to ge…

Change of plans: Since my company can’t seem to get its act together and decide on my replacement (even though I practically gave them one as long as two weeks ago), I am going to stay on for part-time work next week, working here when I am not busy working at my new job. It will be hectic, but I could also use the extra cash. Today is still officially my last day, which feels strange, but not as strange as if I were leaving after work today and not coming back.

I’ve also decided to postpone my move until next weekend. I don’t have to be out of my present place until the 20th (someone’s already managed to snag the place, a rich NTU girl, actually). To be honest I haven’t packed a single thing yet, so I will pick up the keys early this Sunday morning, move a few things over by myself over the week and then have Stephen the Mover do all of the heavy lifting for me next Sunday. It will also give the landlord a chance to re-install the air conditioner (or realize that said air conditioner has rusted itself into uselessness) and me a chance to tranfer my adsl account over to the new address.

Both of the above measures should serve to somewhat cushion the shock of a new place and a new job at the same time by introducing a transition period for both. I apologize if The Big Move has caused any deterioration in the quality of this journal. Transitions are difficult but exciting, like shedding one’s old skin and moving on to places that only let the newly-reskinned in, so to speak. It’s just that the middle bit where you’re running around outside nekkid can be a bit harrowing if you are not in the habit of frequenting health clubs. I realize that it’s not like I’m giving up everything and moving to Sicily (Although who knows? That could be my next trick), but it’s an important step for me. As usual, the aspects of my life that I am leaving, the safe, known environments of office and home, seem unnaturally attractive, but I’ve done enough of this to know that this is a false feeling introduced by my cowardly subconscious. Onward to the Cooking Smells! is my rallying cry.

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