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Mar 12 2002

Billy called yesterday and said that the Dutch Tra…

Billy called yesterday and said that the Dutch Travel Bureau is going to provide him with their own cameraman, so I won’t be going to Europe any time soon, at least not with someone else footing the bill. There remains the possibility of going to New Zealand later on, or Shanghai or Thailand. However, that does free up time for me to attend a friend’s wedding in Puli, a little town in central Taiwan. Beautiful country, a weekend road trip, getting stuck in freeway traffic…I need to get out of the city more often. Especially since spring is arriving and the weather is more suitable for travel.

Dean, Kay and I watched From Hell last night. Not bad, with wonderful scenes of old London in 1888, the year my great-grandfather was born. Not too exciting, though, and the occasional bits of club music and edgy editing failed to keep me from almost nodding off. I left the theater totally unenlightened as to how black contact lenses imparted superpowers to Ian Holm’s character, however. To cure my discontent, I went home and rented Mystery Men, which turned out to be much more entertaining. Not only does it have Wes Studi and Hank Azaria, but you get a glimpse of Kel Mitchell , AKA “Invisible Boy”, in the buff as well. What more could you possibly want in a movie?

I was feeling a tad lonely at the office, so I went to the pet show on the top floor of the Mitsukoshi Department store today and bought another turtle for the office. I brought him (at least I think it’s a him) back and realized that I don’t have a bowl, so he’s scratching around inside a paper bag for the moment.

Steve is in town for a couple of days, so he is going to meet Dean, Brian and I over at Buca Buca for food and drink after work. Don’t you hate it when bloggers ramble on and on about their uninteresting social lives? Nyah.

Since Shauna has expressed interest in “100 Things About Poagao”, I’ve been working on a list. I have 75 Things, and so far I’m not very interesting. Maybe I’ll just make things up and let you guess which are actually true, to make it more interactive and all that. Let me know if there’s anything specific you want me to include.

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