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Apr 08 2002

Back to work, back to reality, as the song goes. I…

Back to work, back to reality, as the song goes. I had to get the entire day’s work done before 2:30 today because they were shutting down the server so that we could have an office-wide party for any and everyone who wanted to come and eat finger foods whilst milling around the boxing ring. I went downstairs and watched the lion dancers hired for the event, which is, by the way, to celebrate the completion of our new lobby and meeting rooms. The dancers didn’t draw a terribly large crowd, unfortunately. Mayor Ma did stop by, however. He was going to come over and talk to me until I greeted him in Chinese, thus no doubt spoiling his English-speaking opportunity. Maybe I should have called him “Mr. President” just to see his reaction. Oh, well. there’s always next time.

I was wandering about aimlessly, scooping up pastries and the fruits I could identify, when the reporter from TVBS Weekly called. It seems that the article on me was published last Saturday, and he just remembered to let me know. He said he had sent a copy over along with my photographs, so I went down to the new lobby to pick it up. The reception girl had already read it, apparently, as well as some of my co-workers. I sat down in one of the lobby’s beanbag chairs and thumbed through the magazine, which, in accordance with local law, features a skimpily dressed yet surprisingly nondescript woman on the cover. When I came to my article, I had to laugh out loud, garnering more than a few stares from the other celebrators in the lobby. I couldn’t help myself. The pictures and article layout were so over-the-top, but I can understand why they did it; it’s just their style. I sat and read the article, which, aside from a few minor flaws such as misquotes and getting my place of birth wrong, was pretty good. The photos included army pictures as well as ones the camera guy took of me at sword practice, me looking pensive in front of the New York, New York Statue of Liberty replica, me rolling my eyes in the MRT station…the most obvious thing I learned from it is that I’ve put on more than a few pounds since I got out of the army. I hate to break it to you, but it ain’t exactly all muscle, either. I blame the Tim Tams.

In any case, I have no more excuses; I have to start (e)mailing western publishers and agents with my queries now. I might as well just dive right in and see what I can come up with.

Sho had said that he was going to call today so that we could get together for dinner, but he never did. I called his number but nobody answered all day. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

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