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Jan 29 2002

…and the weather saga continues: Cold, rainy, an…

…and the weather saga continues: Cold, rainy, and generally disgusting. It makes me so glad that I’m out of the army. Not being able to come in out of the cold and wet, not being able to dress properly for it, etc., were cause for a lot more bitching from Corporal Poagao than you hear from the current Civilian Poagao. If you can imagine.

I was taking advantage of one of the many breaks afforded to me by my constantly crashing computer this morning when I discovered that we have an actual boxing ring on the 10th floor, looking quite out of place among the desks and coffeemakers. Just when I think I’ve found the most bizarre thing about our new offices, I find something even stranger. I even got pictures of the boxing ring and the giant chessboard (which is being used for meetings and art/craft projects). And you thought I was making all of it up.

What is particularly funny is that people are just beginning to wonder if it was the best idea to locate the punching bags right next to the glass doors. One of my female co-workers was using the punching bag and found to her dismay that the laws of physics not only apply to her but seemed to have a bit of a vendetta, as the bag came back and hit her on the side of the head with rather more force than Newton had led her to believe would result from her paltry blows. I had to make a quick exit to prevent my mirth at the situation from being broadcast around the office, and when I had finished laughing in the stairway I returned to find everyone standing around looking at the bag as if considering whether they should have it put down.

Lunch at Ameroni’s was nice. Saw Steve for the first time since he returned from his trip, as well as Graham, Dean and Gavin. We always eat at the same table for some reason, and the coffee is always slow, likely for another reason, although none of us know exactly what it could be. There are never more than a handful of tables full, but the staff seems to be comprised of people the management took pity on and rescued from the School for People with Particularly Short Attention Spans.

The Taipei Financial Center, which was originally supposed to be the tallest building in the world upon its completion at 101 stories, then cut down to 76 stories due to worries about airplanes hitting it, and then supposedly given the go-ahead for 20 more floors, is located a block away from the new office. It’s already the tallest structure in the city, higher than the Mitsukoshi Building, which is about 46 stories. It’s especially striking at night, when showers of sparks are often visible cascading out of the massive structure.

Dean’s uncle mailed him the latest Enterprise episodes on tape. *salivates*

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