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Dec 07 2002

After lunch yesterday I was walking across the int…

After lunch yesterday I was walking across the intersection of Zhongxiao East and Dunhua South Roads when I noticed a young man holding a poster. The poster read “Lee Ying-yuan (the DPP candidate for Taipei mayor, the election of which is today), promises that within two months of assuming office, he will return to the people all of the fees for traffic infractions levied during (current mayor) Ma Ying-jeou’s four years in office.”

“Where is the money for that going to come from?” I asked the young man, although I knew the answer: taxpayers in general would basically be subsidizing traffic violations committed by rich gangsters in Big Black Benzes. It was not a very subtle attempt at vote-buying. But the man just shook his head.

“I have no idea,” he said. “I was just paid to stand here and hold this sign for a few hours. I work at a gym across the street. Personally, I think Lee’s got a few screws loose.”

I’m so glad the elections are overwith, although Lee’s campaign has provided everyone with plenty to laugh at. His parades of trucks sporting flags on which were written “Ma” which had then been crossed out, points to a general lack of any platform at all, and the only proposal he’s made involves moving the Taipei Airport to Taoyuan, which, if you don’t know, is an entirely different city. I think Lee’s laughable campaign must be part of the DPP’s greater plan to ensure that Ma Ying-jeou remains in office and doesn’t challenge Chen Shui-bian in 2004 for the presidency. I’m fine with that; I think Ma’s done a good job overall, and at least his campaign wasn’t nearly as loud or tacky as Lee’s. Maybe “I can wait ’til 2008” should be Ma’s slogan, but he doesn’t really need one. All you have to do is have lived in Taipei for the past decade or so to see how much things have improved during Ma’s term, although admittedly most foreigners tend to lean towards the DPP for some reason.

Last night was spent cursing at Premiere, which had decided to not let me edit any more. I think it may have something to do with Quicktime, but I’m not sure exactly what’s wrong. Eventually I was called away by Dean, which was just as well as I was losing my voice from yelling at the computer, and another DPP rally was firing up outside my window. We met up at My Other Place and then went to the 70’s Airport Love Palace to have a few drinks and pizza with Graham et al.

I put up a few pictures I took on Wednesday, adding them to the last entry. I also heeded Mindcrime’s advice and updated my little banner up top, in case you hadn’t noticed. I also put up a new video clip. This one depicts trying to make it through the underground exchange from the Ban-nan MRT line over to the Danshui-Xindian line. 3.2 megs of utter chaos.

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