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Sep 30 2002

A dreary Monday, in many respects. It’s cool, almo…

A dreary Monday, in many respects. It’s cool, almost wintery, and everything is dark grey.

The weather over the weekend was nice, cool enough that only one of the hallway mahjong-playing guys hadn’t put a shirt on. I took the MRT down to Xindian to see Sandy and Jojo at Chez Sandcastle. We sat out on his porch drinking glasses of chilled wine and chatting. Sandy lended me several books, some of which are supposedly “so awful you just have to read them”. The neighboring apartment blocks leaned over us; we talked of surrepticiously covering them with kudzu. In the distance was the muted gobbling of weekend tourists milling around in swan-shaped paddleboats, so many that there was only the occasional glimpse of the actual Xindian River from the suspension bridge. I hear it’s actually pleasant on weekdays.

That night I came back into the city and went to see Reign of Fire with Mindcrime and H.G. Janice. It was an interesting film, but seemed to lack some crucial story element I couldn’t put my finger on. It was over too soon, and didn’t develop enough of the characters. Mindcrime felt it was more of a comic book telling, but I still felt something vital was missing from the film, but I’m not going to give myself a headache over it.

Rooms looked at this weekend: two. One was a small place, part of a larger apartment that had been divided into rooms. I opened the curtains and discovered a brick wall behind them. “Picky, ain’t ya?” the agent said when I mentioned this to him. The second room was a rooftop place right next to the place my friend Fish used to live. I know for a fact that Fish’s roommates had the habit of holding loud parties, so that’s out. It’s ok, though. I can wait. My boxes are still more or less packed, but I can stay where I am for now.

*pause for earthquake*

Back to today and reasons for its dreariness, though. This afternoon after lunch I came back to my room and began to gather up Trial Kitten’s things. I scooped out her litterbox and packed up her kitty food. She saw this, of course, and looked up at me with big, questioning eyes. I had promised her to a co-worker of mine, a guy who has a larger apartment and a family. He’s been looking for a cat for some time now, so I told him he could have mine.

It was raining outside. I packed her into the carrier and caught a cab to work. I held the cage up to the window so that she could see the traffic, but she kept mewing anyway. When I got here I handed her over to her new owner, told him some of her habits and tendencies, etc. She seemed to take to him, especially when he opened up a can of tuna for her.

So that’s it. Yes, I know, I’m a bastard for not keeping the cat. Like this is news.

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