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Aug 31 2001

Yesterday we were all called over the intercom sys…

Yesterday we were all called over the intercom system out to the lobby, where we were given smouldering incense sticks so that we could wave them at a table on which many snacks of questionable desirability had been piled, in an attempt to assuage any hungry ghosts that were loitering around. It’s Ghost Month, you see, and people get a little antsy knowing that the door to hell is just sitting there open, no screen or anything, letting any just about any vengeful spirit through…even, I’m afraid, those without shoes or shirts. Or heads. In any case, our office still reeks of incense, a smell that works equally well against both ghosts and comfortable breathing.

I rented and watched Chinatown on DVD last night. Made in 1974, this film is a good detective flick, made right before they started getting tacky. The music and atmosphere work well, although the story takes some pretty unbelievable twists. Faye Dunaway just manages to avoid making me cringe with her combination of bad acting and not acting. Jack Nicholson looks incredibly young, but he’s not the sexiest guy in this flick. My pal Mindcrime has noted the fact that I am almost universally attracted to relatively insignificant co-stars rather than the star of any given film, and he would nail me on this one. My pick for the sexiest guy in Chinatown would have to be Burt Young, who plays Curly. You might know him better from his later role as Paulie, Rocky’s brother in the Rocky series. In Chinatown, however, he’s still young enough to pull my strings.

It’s been raining more or less all day, which doesn’t look good for me riding my motorcycle to sword practice and then home tonight. Poor thing’s been sitting out in the open for the past few days, since I don’t like to ride in the rain. At this point I’m not too concerned that the rain will harm it; my only worry is that the rain will wash away the grime which is presumably all that’s holding it together.

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