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Aug 22 2001

Whiny Woman became particularly incensed at someon…

Whiny Woman became particularly incensed at someone this morning, and our proverbial cup o’ whinage has since runneth over. Someone dared do something without her permission, it seems. It’s ok, because when I am tired of listening to her I can just play some Power Station. No, not that Power Station, but these two aboriginal guys here who have incredible voices and cool songs, although lately they have been selling out to the more popular and rather mushy love song style. Their song Mingtian de mingtian de mingtian (the translation of which, “Tomorrow Never Dies” boldly taunts several major copyright laws), always reminds me of bowling alley jukeboxes, because that’s where I first heard it, back when I was a cameraman for TVBS and we were filming a bowling tournament. Mindcrime actually met Power Station in person once at G’day Cafe, which is run by a group of very nice aboriginal people. He described the band as being quite short. Of course, Mindcrime is several inches taller than I am, so that pretty much describes well over 80% of this city.

Speaking of G’day Cafe, I had lunch there this afternoon. At a table near the wall was a foreign couple, a blond girl and a nondescript guy. I couldn’t hear a word the guy said, but the woman’s voice overpowered every single conversation in the room. At first I thought they were talking international business, but I soon realized they were discussing film festivals. I was interested despite myself, but I couldn’t very well go over and say “Hi, I haven’t made a single film since film school a couple of years ago. Pander to me!” I guess I could have, but, unlike my wallet exploding, I actually had a choice in this matter, so I opted to stay put, reading my book and eavesdropping on the woman’s half of the conversation, which was dominated by name dropping and pseudo-technical jargon, with very little real information. Maybe I’ll run into her at some point in the future, especially if my shock fluid leaks all over my disc brake again.

First I have to make another film, though, and before that I have to finish my book. Knowing exactly how I was going to keep my stomach full in the few months would be nice, too.

Amazon is in the baby business now. When will this online ordering madness end? Although I searched the site quite thoroughly, I still haven’t been able to find out exactly where one clicks to order a baby. However they do seem to offer free shipping of babies. Wouldn’t the whole sea mail delivery process be kind of rough on infants?

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