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Jul 02 2001

Where were we? Oh, yeah. Sorry, I’m feeling groggy…

Where were we? Oh, yeah. Sorry, I’m feeling groggy today…went to bed around three a.m. last night/this morning.

I went to the rehearsal for “A Man for All Seasons” yesterday. It was the first time they were able to actually use the small, Kabuki-esque stage where it is going to be performed, and so a lot of time was spent with stage directions. I watched it for a few hours and found the whole thing rather interesting. There were good players and not-so-good ones, and although I still think very little of my acting ability, I decided I would like to have a go at it. Later on, Carl told me that at that point he would have been happy if Dean’s cat had accepted the role, so at least I can fall back on the idea that, no matter how bad I am, at least I am less likely to scratch the audience’s ankles. The cat is cuter, though, I have to admit.

After rehearsal we went to the Friday’s across the street for drinks and later to the Tavern for dinner, which proved to be a mistake. Next time, hopefully, we will have dinner at a restaurant and then drinks at a bar, not vice-versa. Then, since my motorcycle had been kidnapped and was being held for a ransom of NT$250 by the city government, we took a cab to Dean’s place, which is now dry again if a bit mouldy, and were promptly lulled asleep by the less-than-exhilerating plot of Star Trek TNG. It was the one where a psychotic woman on the rebound gets a crush on Data, but the commercial had misled us into thinking it concerned a dissappearing M-class planet. Dirty pool, my friends, dirty pool, and I believe I can use that term much more aptly where Dean’s postdeluvian apartment is concerned.

After I rescued my motorcycle from its kidnappers(this won’t be the last I hear from them, I fear), I returned home to watch The Big Lebowski, which I enjoyed quite a bit. The Cohen brothers can be depended upon to produce a fresh, definitely un-Hollywood-like film, and this one, with its tenuously tangential plot twists, efficient editing, great performances by Jeff Bridges and John Goodman and excellent soundtrack was just the ticket. I’m sorry I waited this long to see it.

Today is another brilliantly hot day, as if the windshield of the atmosphere has just been wiped clean and the searing sun is allowed to shine through without any barriers to its relentless mission to fry us all! I’m sorry, but if you’re in Taipei today, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Great photo light, though. I’ll probably go up to the roof later on and see if I can do a 360-degree panorama shot or something.

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