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Sep 10 2001

When I got in to work this morning, my boss called…

When I got in to work this morning, my boss called. “I think I may have found someone to take over for you when you’re on your leave,” she said. I picked my jaw up from the floor and asked who. “Her name is Anika, and here’s her number. See if you can call her in and talk with her, to see if she can do the job.”

This is a 180-degree switch from her previous stance. I can only attribute it to either hormones or a devious plan to get me to unwittingly find my own successor. I’ve been calling the number all morning, but no one has been answering. I am beginning to wonder if this ‘Anika’ even a real person. Is that even a real name? It sounds suspiciously made up. This new development has foiled my ability to make a decision on whether I can go ahead and buy tickets for October or wait and go in November.

Don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of successful experiences with paranoia.

In the meantime, I was left wishing that my CD/MP3 player had a faster loading time after I was subjected to almost 20 seconds of Whiny Woman discussing the quality of someone’s stool over the phone before the music kicked in.

Whiny Woman: “Was it thin? Thin. You know, watery? Yeah? How thin? What could you see in it? Were there, like, chunks of -” (The Wallflowers at peak volume rescue me from having to listen any further)

And now my eye hurts. It has felt like there’s something in it since yesterday, but I can’t find anything, and drops aren’t helping. I probably scratched it again. So, in addition to all of the other shit I have to deal with, I have to do see an eye doctor as well.

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