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May 23 2001

Went to the park after work…the sun was setting,…

Went to the park after work…the sun was setting, and there was a Flamenco concert starting up on the stage out there. The crowd was trying to clap along, as Chinese crowds tend to do. Silly people, you can’t clap along to Flamenco!

I found a tree to lean back against, since I haven’t been feeling so well today, and sat down to listen, meanwhile rubbing green oil on my head for my headache. I’ve been spending too much time reading computer monitors, I think. Reading blogs when I am not working at the office, writing things here…is the recent Blogging trend related to the reality-TV trend? They’re practically the same thing, or they would be if reality TV were as it was advertised and not ridiculously gimmicked. But reading a Blog is like reading a book, but a book that is real, and happening right now, which is what makes many of them so interesting. Sometimes reality just beats anything you can make up.

When I find a blog I like, I usually go through all of the archives, until I can put new accounts into a context. But, as with any medium that is open to so many people, everyone is going to have to wade through a lot of garbage before they find the good stuff. And just what the good stuff is, of course, depends on the reader.

*yawn* I need to sleep.

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