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Nov 19 2001

Well, this is it: my last day in Australia. I can’…

Well, this is it: my last day in Australia. I can’t believe it’s over, but I am so glad I got to come here. Perth seems much smaller after visiting Sydney and Melbourne.

Yesterday we went out to lunch with Simon’s sisters, brother and father. It was a bit awkward at first, but the food at the restaurant was quite nice. Champagne, bubbly and nasty yet allowing for a few dents in everyone’s inhibitions, preceded the meal, which was followed by a piece of lemon meringe pie roughly the size of an armadillo. A couple of tables away was what looked like a meeting of the Excessively Blond Women’s Club, and from what I could tell most of them cheated to get in.

The weather was beautiful and hot when we drove back, but later on it started to storm, which sucked because we were looking forward to seeing the meteor shower last night. Instead we got another kind of show in the form of continuous lightning and occasional thunder all night. For some reason I didn’t sleep well, dreaming of things like skateboarding assassins and George W. Bush not knowing anything, and I actually fell off the bed twice, making a resounding THUMP both times, which Simon found quite amusing.

We went shopping in Perth today, and I bought a literal metric ton of books, some vitamins, potato chips for Carl and Gavin, a couple of shirts, and a teflon-coated frying pan as a gift for SImon’s family, as they take turns cooking and I have no cooking skills to contribute.

Some people are coming in to clean the floors tomorrow so all of the furniture has been moved out, and Simon is waiting for me to hurry up and finish this account so he can bundle up the computer as well. I am going to have to leave here at 11pm at the latest to make my 12:30am flight to Singapore, and I should be back in Taipei at around 2 or 4pm tomorrow.

Back in Taipei. Australia is nice, a lovely place in fact, but somehow I feel I belong in Taipei. I even kind of miss it. Hopefully I’ll feel the same way after I return.

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