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Jul 29 2001

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later…j…

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later…just wrote a nice long post, only to have it disappear. Fuck. Usually I can hit the “back” key and get it to return to my post, but not this time. Vanished without a trace. Damn.

Opening night went very well. I think we were all relieved to find out that we could actually do the play from start to finish and have it make sense, in spite of the inevitable hiccups. The copious amounts of Jim Beam we were passing around backstage didn’t hurt, either. There was a sizable audience, and titters of laughter during serious scenes involving blood and death indicated that Taiwanese attended as well as foreigners. This phenomenon would be alarming in another country, but in Taiwan people tend to laugh when they feel awkward or uncomfortable, so our desired effect was acheived.

It looks like Typhoon Toraji will be attending tonight’s performance, however. I don’t know if this will work as our theater is rather small and we might have a problem seating a major atmospheric disturbance. Plus our bouncers suck. They let a lady in for half price just because she came late. Just imagine what they would tell Toraji: “Hey, I know you! You’re that typhoon! Hell, just come on in!”

After the performance most of us went out to Kevin’s place in Mucha for a party his roommates were holding. As usual, the moment I got out of the cab the smell of fresh air out there caused me to wonder if living in the city is the best idea. I didn’t know many people there, but soon more cast members arrived, including The Common Man, whose car broke down. He was looking for a place to stay as he lives in Keelung. Kevin even admitted to reading this journal, which surprised me.

Later on, Ronnie, who used to work at the News, called and told me it was his birthday, so I should come down to the Watershed, which is a surprisingly small bar near Hsinyi Road. I did, and soon found myself being excluded from a group of drunk people discussing George W. Bush’s handshake style. Ronnie was rather toasted by that time, and I was tired, so I left.

Shawn has emailed me the following suggestions for naming my turtles, who are now watching me type this with an understandable amount of facination:

Bud and Lou (Shawn and I played Libyan terrorists with the code names Bud and Lou in a student video back in the late 80’s for Mrs. Bell’s high school history class)

Aeryn and Crichton (from Farscape, of course)

Fric and Frac

BlodBlod and Tweeter

PB and J

Rice and Noodles (I don’t know if I want to make culinary reference when talking to turtles)

Trite and Banal (most people probably think this about my writing already. Do I really want to rub it in?)

Wit and Sarcasm (my muses)

Hmmmm. I was going to call them Green and Blue, but then I it just occurred to me that they’re both green. Maybe Jogger and Sunbather, since that pretty much describes their behavior so far. Jogger keeps trying to get out of the bowl and, like some sort of yuppie, is far more active than a turtle has a right to be, while Sunbather just stretches out on a rock and waits for the rays. Maybe I need to get a bigger, sunnier bowl, or a real Turtlarium.

I’ve been trying to get permanent links up and working, but every time I try to insert the right code, my text disappears and leaves the links. Sorry if it looks like the text has been disappearing and reappearing.

Tom and Ed are doing a Blogathon today. It looks rather grueling. Go feed, parasite-like, off of their sweat and blood.

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