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Dec 17 2001

Today didn’t start out on a terribly good note. It…

Today didn’t start out on a terribly good note. It was raining when I woke up inside my mosquito netting; I had smushed about a dozen mosquitoes last night, and a dozen more were waiting when I emerged from the protective white web. I took a few minutes to hunt them down and kill them, and now there are little splashes of blood, my blood, thank you very much, all over my walls and ceiling.

The rain seemed to have stopped by the time I headed out, so I got on my motorcycle and managed to miss the kickstart, instead gouging my ankle. The metal rod went straight through my jeans and sock and managed to draw blood.

“Aaaaaw, FUCK!” I said, arousing absolutely no attention as I am often heard saying this kind of thing. I had to re-park my bike and go back upstairs to bandage my ankle, then come back down and head to work. I drove slowly today as I had already seen too much of my own blood and I wasn’t too anxious to see any more.

I arrived at the office at the same time as Terrence, one of my co-workers. I walked to my desk and piddled around on the computer to take my mind off of the pain in my ankle for a while before my phone rang. It was my boss, warning me about being late.

“Huh? I got here before 9:40, I’m sure,” I said, but she wasn’t having any of it. Apparently the Big Boss had wanted me to do something for her at 9:50 this morning and I wasn’t there.

“In light of the fact that everyone’s salaries are already frozen, we are conducting performance reviews. Your extravagance is exceeding the boundries of my patience,” she said. Meaning what? I have no idea. Is the fact that our salaries are frozen even though we haven’t been adversely affected by the Global Economic Boogeyman supposed to be some kind of incentive for me to get here on time?

I didn’t want to argue, so I said ok, I’ll try to do better. After hanging up I went to Terrence to confirm when we had arrived. “About 9:35,” he told me. On time. Something tells me I need to get serious about finding another, hopefully better job. Me and the rest of the people on my links page.

The noise last night turned out to be coming from an aborigine concert rather than Ramadan-related festivities, I found when I went down to have a look. There was a good-sized crowd at the theater in the park, and Power Station was there along with several performers I didn’t recognize. Midway through the concert it began to rain, though, and they lost a good half of their audience, which was a shame. Most of the songs were good, with the exception of their “We Are the World”-esque rendition of “Aborigines Will Always Be Aborigines”. I decided to go back and watch The Godfather: Part 2.

I haven’t been able to find Tim Tams at any other Watson’s besides the one near our office, so I went back there to stock up. I mentioned the Tim-Tam Gap to the girl at the counter, and she said “Yeah, we’ve been having trouble keeping them in stock since we first started selling them about a month ago.” See? SEE? I mentioned the concept of peanut-butter Tim Tams to Simon, but all he said was “Eurgh! No.” Oh, well. Just a thought.

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