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Dec 19 2001

This morning I resorted to taking a taxi to work b…

This morning I resorted to taking a taxi to work because I didn’t want to be too late and get yelled at again. Traffic was terrible as usual, and as we sat unmoving on the Jianguo Overpass a really nice Taiwanese song came on the radio. I listened for a while, then askd the cabbie what song it was.

“I dunno,” he said. He was one of those cabbies who don’t like to talk a lot, but I suppose an apparent foreigner speaking Taiwanese with him piqued his interest. “It’s the theme song of one of those soap operas, Ah-cheng, I think it’s called.”

“One of the Big Three 8 o’clock Soap Operas?” I asked, and he nodded. I haven’t been into those things for years now, especially since I no longer have a TV in my room, and the TV in our living room makes everyone look like badly animated aliens. I used to get really addicted to them, though, despite their invariably awful production quality (an exception to that was the Hong Kong-produced Outlaws of the Marsh, which was on a few years aqo. It’s also one of my favorite Chinese novels, so I’m biased). I should look into this one, though. No doubt it sucks, but I can at least look for the theme song.

When I got to work today (on time, I might add), I found that every cubicle had a small Christmas stocking pinned to one of its walls. Inside each was a stick of candy. When I opened up my inter-office email, there was a message from one of the IT guys. It read:

Look around you! There’s cute little red stockings everywhere, see them? Also there’s a piece of candy inside each one. In this cold Christmas season, we’ll give you not only a warm feeling, but also a chance to make your dreams come true!

Everyone can play Santa this year. Here’s how to play:

Do you have something to tell that special someone? Do you want to thank them? Is there something you would like to confess to them? Like your true feelings? Just write a note and include a small gift and put it into their cubicle stocking!

The funny thing about this is that I have a small crush on the IT guy who sent this email. Yeah, savor that irony.

Also, it’s not that cold out. Yet. There are reports that mainland China is sending us a strong cold front for Christmas (or ROC Constitution Day, as it’s officially known here), and it should arrive on Friday. Maybe this stocking will come in handy after all.

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