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Aug 24 2001

This guy seems to think that changing the letterin…

This guy seems to think that changing the lettering on Taiwan/ROC passports would automatically grant UN entry to Taiwan, and all of the countries in the world would graciously open their doors to Taiwanese of all walks of life. I hate to break it to him that we would remain just as unrecognized with “Taiwan” passports as we are with “ROC” passports. As for customs people not being able to tell the difference, uh, isn’t it their job to know these things? Do they mistake South Koreans for North Koreans? Do they mix USA up with Saudi Arabia? I think they need to learn their jobs, rather than us changing our passports to larger print so they can understand it. Ah, well, it’s just some American guy in Nevada…he just happened to say something the Taipei Times agreed with, which is basically their precondition for publishing Letters to the Editor, so his credibility isn’t exactly stellar anyway.

As for the Irish guy’s comments on Taiwan…uh, yeah. We’ll learn from Ireland. That’ll work, because it’s exactly the same situation, except for the fact that it’s completely different. I, for one, hope that Taiwan can end up better off than Ireland, or at least with less violence.

I was incredibly busy yesterday…well, considering my normal workload, anyway. After work I went out for some good fish and chips at Mr. Fish in an alley behind the Sogo department store with Steve, Dean, Gavin and Edward. Afterwards we went to the Q Bar, where Carl joined us, and then the rest of the 70’s Airport Love Palace, i.e. Catherine, Dave and Eoghain. It turned into a real party, but as usually happens with me, the more people arrived, the more isolated I felt. Anything over 3 or 4 people is out of my depth, socially speaking. Steve felt it unfair that I refer to him as sarcastic when Carl is not similarly described, but I feel that Carl goes beyond sarcastic and is one only a handful of people in the world that would be aptly referred to as ‘droll’.

Doug said he and Donovan would be up again this weekend to discuss the magazine, so I have to stay in Taipei again. I would really like to spend a weekend somewhere else on the island, perhaps Kaohsiung, which I haven’t visited in years, or even one of the east-coast cities, while it’s still summer. I, like Ernie and Daniel, need to get out of Dodge for a while. I think the beginning of Autumn often has that effect on people. Steve mentioned last night, “How many people, when they’re on their deathbeds, say ‘How I wish I’d spent more time at work!'”?

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