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May 23 2001

They made me do overtime last night. I was here at…

They made me do overtime last night. I was here at the office until midnight, working on a pitch for today. I missed dinner but caught Farscape at Dean’s house, thankfully. The weather cooperated by being miserable and raining when I was in a hurry on my motorcycle to and from Dean’s house after telling the people at work that I had to have dinner. Well, I did. I just didn’t have it, is all. It’s my dinner hour, and I chose to spend it watching interesting aliens with Australian accents, dammit!

When I woke up this morning, however, I felt terrible. Just really, really low, and bad, not unlike I felt when I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic after my knee operation at the Canossa hospital in Hong Kong. I was going to go to the hospitcal clinic after work today, but I don’t know if I will since I feel a bit better now…maybe it was something I ate, a rotten apple or stale instant oatmeal, from last night. I went to the T-shirt place this morning and handed over the graphic, although the quote was a bit more expensive than I had been told over the phone. Still, it will do. I refrained from putting the URL to this site on my T-shirt, though. If anyone thinks I should put it on there, let me know.

The weather is so nice today, sunny and clear(or as clear as Taipei gets without a nearby typhoon to help out). It feels like it should be a Friday, but it’s not. It’s a Wednesday, and a busy one at that. I still don’t feel too chipper but perhaps all I need is some dinner in the park and some rest.

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