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Jul 10 2001

There’s another storm on its way. This one is call…

There’s another storm on its way. This one is called “Trami” and is a cute, fluffy little cottenpuff of a tropical storm. It looks like it was designed by Disney. I just hope it doesn’t get in the way, like a small dog under foot at the kitchen table. I can’t imagine it causing much trouble. It’s just too cute-looking.

My computer at work crashed three times today, every time was as I was closing a Word document. I emailed the IT department. Well, actually I replied to one of their company-wide emails about safe emailing, etc. I replied “Don’t you think you should be concentrating on the crashing-computers-and-Word problem?” Later in the afternoon the head of the IT department was fuming over my shoulder in my cubicle.

“I see you have ICQ,” he said. “You can’t have ICQ.”

“Nobody told me; everyone here has ICQ,” I replied.

“They shouldn’t have it. It doesn’t have anything to do with your work, so you shouldn’t have it. It’s company policy.”

“Could I see this policy?”

“Uh…what do you have ICQ for?”

“Well, to chat of course.”

“Why don’t you use the telephone?”

“Because I can’t very well call someplace like Australia on the phone. It would cost the company too much money.”

“That’s exactly why you can’t use ICQ.”

“What the hell are you talking about? ICQ is free; it doesn’t cost anything. Aren’t you supposed to be up-to-date on computer stuff?”

“You can’t have ICQ.”

“Fine, fine. What about my system crashing?”

“Oh, that’s a network problem. Can’t do anything about that.”

This guy can get anyone he wants fired, though, so I should be more careful. He is the boss’ secretary’s husband and canned one guy who started the same day I did just because he didn’t like the guy’s attitude. I don’t care so much; I feel I will have to leave that job relatively soon in any case, even if I don’t get the GIO position I’ve applied for, but I would rather he didn’t make my time there any more unbearable than it has to be.

In any case, I was very glad to get out of work today. The nearby storm has made the weather wonderful, of course, and the sky was nice and clear as I left the office. I went to Warner Village to finally see Shrek, which was good, but I would have enjoyed it better if I hadn’t just had a hamburger that was seriously playing hockey with my insides.

I am taking this Thursday off to go get the unpleasant part of my annual physical out of the way. Henrik, who did the job before me, is too busy to fill in for me on Thursday, but he knows a guy who might want to do it. I am meeting Brian Kennedy tomorrow near the train station for lunch and T-shirt purchasing. So tomorrow will be T-shirt Haul day for me, since Henrik wants a shirt as well.

When I’m online here at home, every few minutes Explorer refuses to acknowledge clicks for a few minutes. Nothing will happen; it will just ignore all clicks on hyperlinks for about a minute or two every few minutes. I can’t figure it out. The only reason I can think of is that it might be doing that restore function and taking a ‘snapshot’ of my system every few minutes. It’s annoying as hell, but I can’t seem to find where to turn that particular function off. Does anyone know?

When the moon rose tonight, it was so red it looked like Mars.

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