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May 12 2001

There’s a tropical storm here for the weekend. Wou…

There’s a tropical storm here for the weekend. Wouldn’t really know it from looking out the window. It’s offical name is Tropical Storm Cimaron. Maybe it’s like the Cadillac Cimmaron, in that you really wouldn’t know it was a Cadillac from the look of it.

Sword practice went well last night, I thought. I am starting to pick things up and I am able to remember more and more parts of the form we’re learning. I am going to start practicing twice a week instead of once, because they have the class on Sunday mornings too, and maybe even join the Tui-shou class too. “You should go. Foreigners all love Tui-shou,” the teacher said when inviting me. Someone brought a sword they had had made to class last night. It was beautiful, with real steel and a dragon-head handle, heavy and bright with Chinese characters etched into the blade. Maybe someday if I ever get good enough I can justify owning such a sword. For now, though, my practice swords are good enough.

Went out last night with Dean and met some people from the GIO. Man, they have it good over there. Lot’s of money, not too much to do, excellent benefits…I keep kicking myself that I didn’t go in there personally to hand in my resume so that they would see that I am an actual native speaker of English, and I would have at least gotten an interview. But that’s ok; these kinds of things have a way of working out anyway.

Finally got my namecards done, anyway. When the boss’s wife saw me, she asked her husband if I was an American or an Indian. I guess that, since there is an Indian food restaurant across the street, they get a lot of Indian people there. You may be interested to know that I refrained from making any smart comments, though. Yeah, I’m learning.

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