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Sep 05 2001

The thunderstorms are back with a vengence. There …

The thunderstorms are back with a vengence. There were multiple strikes lighting up the sky throughout this evening, more than I’ve seen here in a long time. Most of them were pretty far away (Wow-class), some were uncomfortably close (Damn!-class) and a few seemed like they were right overhead (Fuck me!-class). We used to get a lot of Fuck me! lightning in Florida, also known to tourists as the Lightning Capital of the World (“for all of your lightning needs”), which probably has something to do with that state’s abundance of both golf courses and retirees.

I went to the travel agency, where a friend of mine named Lorenzo from the Dominican Republic assured me that I could get a round-trip ticket to Perth, Australia, from Taipei for a reasonable price. I’m hoping for less than NT40,000, even if I have to fly at odd hours and stopover in Singapore. The train from Perth to Sydney is, the guide book says, A$888, or over NT$15,000. Yeah, this trip’s gonna bankfuck me, but I figure that’s why God made credit cards.

The rain was really coming down after I got out of the travel agency, so I left my motorcycle on the sidewalk and took the MRT back up to near the 70’s Airport Love Palace where Dean lives. On the subway I saw a really good-looking guy. He was dressed in a grey button-down shirt that looked as if it had fit before he started working out, but was too tight now. His hair was too long, but his features were stunning. Well, stunning to me, anyway. I walked behind him as we got off the train and went downstairs to the street level exit, where he met another guy, who was handing him a small red paper bag as I walked past and out of the station.

I need to get out more.

One of the best things about blogging is that you don’t have to dress for it. This is a good thing, considering I really need to either do some laundry or buy new underwear. Thankfully, there’s lots of places that sell underwear. In case you’re wondering, I prefer baggy grey briefs.

Dean is going out for the role of Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which is going to be performed here early next year. I can already hear the bad southern accents. I wouldn’t mind doing another play as well, but I really need to get this book done, and after that I think I would rather work on my next film. Get used to reading that, by the way. I’m trying to make myself feel guilty enough about not getting off my ass to actually get off my ass. So to speak.

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