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Sep 04 2001

The sun finally came out this morning, and it has …

The sun finally came out this morning, and it has been a beautiful day so far. This, of course, doesn’t change the fact that I am stuck in an office environment until 6 o’ clock. At least I can look at the sky and the mountains out of the bathroom window.

They have taken our Heineken-dispensing drink machine away and replaced it with a tea-and-juice-dispensing machine that pushes various bottles out of their niches and then fails to catch them with a technologically advanced claw-thing, which then delivers a big clawful of nothing to the bottom of the machine for retrieval by the person who just wasted NT$20 to watch this facinating spectacle. I suppose upper management felt that the new machine more accurately reflects the way our company does business.

I figure that, if I utilize all of the public holidays we get in October, I can squeeze 33 straight days of vacation out of my original 20 days of annual leave for this year and next year. Not too shabby, but then, of course, I have to figure out a way to pay for a vacation, in case Plan A (maxing out my credit cards) doesn’t work out. Ooh, I’m a bit excited, though, and you should be, too. If you think reading me write about the amazing antics of Whiny Woman all day is fun, then wait until you read me writing about the messes I am capable of getting myself into when I am in large foreign countries that are actually recognized by the UN!

I saw a restaurant the other day called “Let’s Go to Another Place”. Clever, if rather confusing in its message. I can see what they’re trying to do, but I also cannot help but imagine that the sign was put up covertly at night by dissatisfied customers.

Since Kirk is able to have fun again now, I’m going to meet him later on at Warner Village, where we plan to finally see A.I.

Steve’s book got an extremely favorable review by someone at the Taipei Times. It’s quite lengthy, almost as long as the book itself. It seems I’ve underestimated Steve. I wouldn’t have though he had the resources available to put together such a large bribe. Just kidding! It’s really a good book; indeed it should be required reading at the Academy of Strange Things in Taiwan.

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