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Jun 15 2001

The room of the guy next door to me actually got t…

The room of the guy next door to me actually got trashed a lot worse than mine. Apparently he hadn’t weighted down the bottom sections of his cabinet/shelves and the whole thing toppled over. Another important earthquake tip, kids. Always anchor your furniture.

Since my motorcycle’s engine is being overhauled, the repair shop guy lent me one of his scooters. I realize that scooters, with their maneuverability, usability and sheer panache are almost perfectly suited to Taiwanese streets, but I still can’t get rid of the feeling that I am sitting on a chair with wheels, not unlike my office chair. The basket on the front(of the scooter) doesn’t help, either. Initial acceleration is good, of course, and helpful for squirting around town, but after that first rush there’s nothing to work with, and the thing tops out around 80 kph.

I have spent the greater part of today staring with open-mouthed, saliva-dripping admiration at the site of the Photo Dude. Both his web design and his photographic eye are outstanding. Puts this site to shame, really, but then again, most sites do that. But unlike most sites, this one has gotten me to seriously consider buying a digital camera.

Another unique site I stumbled across is the Tinyblog. What I find unusual about the Tinyblog is that I enjoy most of the sites it links to. “Wow, this one’s good, too!” I kept saying to myself as I went through all of the sites on the list. Where are all of these amazing sites, you ask? Well, I would tell you but you don’t exist, since nobody reads this site.

Ha ha! Just trying to get you to doubt your own existance. Seriously, though, I have to read through them in order to tell whether they really hold my interest.

The Tinyblog reviews weblogs as well, but in a rather more serious tone than Blog You! , which I actually find a lot more entertaining because Tom and Ed are just so outrageous in their reviews.

My cyborg name, according to this site:

P.O.A.G.A.O.: Positronic Obedient Android Generated for Assassination and Observation.

Apparently I Assassinate first and Observe later. I guess that’s a pretty fair description of me. I don’t know about the ‘Obedient’ part, though.

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