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Nov 25 2001

The play reading went pretty well. About a dozen o…

The play reading went pretty well. About a dozen of us sat outside on the roof level of Grandma Nitti’s surrounded by other diners, and just went through the entire play, which is only 60 or so pages long, switching roles several times throughout. Nobody knows who is going to be selected to play which part, but there were far too many people for the handful of parts available. I was thinking that Kafka or Sydney would be good roles, but they both have huge speeches that go on and on for almost a page at a time. Perhaps, if I could choose a role, it would be that of Max Brod. In any case, it seems like a fun play if you don’t take it too seriously. Some very funny lines for certain, and the people seem nice enough, at least upon first impression. Peter, both Pauls, Maurice and Richard were there from the last play, plus a handful of people I didn’t know, including one guy from ICRT. Supposedly we’ll know what’s going on before next Sunday.

After the reading I went out shopping for computer stuff and went a bit crazy, buying a Wacom Intuos2 6×8 graphics tablet and Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 webcam. I also bought roach traps. This weekend has gone by all too quickly, but I managed to get a bit done. I might try writing some more “news stories” for my News page tomorrow at work. That page has remained neglected for far too long. If you have any articles or topics you think would make good fodder for News From the Renegade Province, send them to me and I’ll consider putting them in.

Back to work tomorrow; there’s supposed to be a nasty cold front on its way here tonight. Perfect timing. The air today was almost thick with haze; whether it is pollution or dust I have no idea. Not pleasant, whatever it is, but at least it somewhat muffles the cacophony issuing from the ubiquitous election trucks and buses (I even saw an election motorcycle, festooned with banners and apparently abandoned on the side of the road. Perhaps its owner went insane or deaf) that are constantly prowling the streets in search of people to annoy. I miss fresh Australian air on days like this. Speaking of Australia, Simon likes the pan I bought for his family in lieu of rent. Heh.

I also got five more entries into the Mirror Project. Go take a look.

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