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Jul 22 2001

The other night I came home to find my fish floati…

The other night I came home to find my fish floating stiffly at the bottom of the bowl, quite dead in fact. My friend Kirk gave me that fish in exchange for renting a DVD for him a long time go. It was a blue fighting fish, but I guess it got tired of having no other fish to fight and decided to end it all. That is if the cockroach gangs didn’t do it in. My friend Dean’s roomie Eoghain was out shopping recently and ‘on a whim’ decided to add a live alligator to his shopping list. It’s living in one of their fishtanks. I always wondered what kind of people bought the alligators they fish out of ponds after they (the alligators) have eaten a substantial number of ducks, small dogs and the occasional baby. Now I know.

Rehearsal went well in that I didn’t forget any lines and got to play the most entertaining role of the slightly psychotic Henry VIII, since the usual actor couldn’t make it this week. We still haven’t managed to act out the entire play in one sitting, and opening night is next Saturday. I’ve heard of cutting it close, but this is ridiculous. Still, it does lend the whole affair a certain air of adventure: who knows what will happen?

Ah, but tomorrow I and everyone else must return to the mind-numbing world of gainful employment, of reading through weblogs and their archives, of listening to CDs turned up loud enough to drown out the more irritating potions of the office cacaphony…

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