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Apr 26 2001

The downside to working in an office where music i…

The downside to working in an office where music is allowed is that there are 37 different types of music within earshot at any given time. At this to the constant unanswered mobile phones going off at unattended desks(these people deserve to have their phones stolen) and the cacophonic mixture of Philip Glass, old Chinese pop music and some random boy band is rather unnerving. Sometimes I bring in my CD walkman, but it is on the fritz, and the Rio Volt doesn’t seem to be coming to Taiwan any time soon that I know of, so when the people in the cubicle next to me start dropping bad English words into their conversation for no reason other than to impress each other, I just have to use the FM stereo function of my cell phone(which I keep with me when it’s on, unlike most of these morons).

It’s a nice enough day today. The ride into work went smoothly. I find I regularly hit 120 kph on the bridge over Civil Blvd. just to make the light at the next intersection.

Tonight, though, I have Tai-chi, the class that is held on the 11th floor of my building, the class I was led to believe was free and sponsorerd by our company, but isn’t, the class I can’t afford to take any more. It’s really embarrassing but I have to tell the teacher I can’t take his class any more tonight, I guess, since today is the last day of the class before we have to pay again. He is a nice old guy, has written several books on Taichi and is rather famous, even gave me a uniform free. I don’t know if I should return that or not. Who would want a used uniform? I guess I’ll keep it, then. The class is really getting out of hand, too, space-wise. Just too many people in that one little room.

So, after tonight, I will only have the Taichi Sword class on Fridays and Sundays. I need more exercise, especially after this virus I’ve had since April Fool’s Day. I am going to be so behind tomorrow night, but then again, I’m always behind. I’m just doing it because I like doing it.

Wrote a letter to the Taipei Times, again. I have little hope that they will publish it. They never publish my letters; I guess they know me too well by now. Anyway, this one was about the fact that all three English-language newspapers put the Bush/Taiwan story on the top of their papers today, but all three also purposely omitted a certain portion of the story, which was only available in the wire-service stories, like Reuters:

“Bush said Taiwan and China must resolve their differences peacefully, adding the United States would oppose any move by Taiwan to declare its independence voluntarily, which China would see as a cause for war.
‘We would certainly hope Taiwan would not do that. We would hope that Taiwan and China would resolve their differences
under the one-China policy. The long-standing one-China policy is a policy that
this administration supports,’ he said.”

I get so tired of the English-language papers here. God help me if I ever need to apply for a job at the Times, though.


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