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Nov 02 2001

Sydney is home to quite a number of really nice mo…

Sydney is home to quite a number of really nice motorcycles. The weather is perfect for motorcycling, although riders are called “Temporary Australians” here. The weather is a bit hazy today, most likely due to nearby bush fires. I might try to visit Taronga or the beach today. Jonathan is due tomorrow, and we are planning to visit the Blue Mountains on Sunday. So I’ll have to crash at a backpackers for at least a couple of days starting tomorrow.

This looks quite promising (thanks to Shawn for the link). Hopefully we’ll see it utilized soon both off and online. The biggest benefit should be with online uses, like MMORPGs and 3D homepages. There’s been a serious dearth of good first-person shooters lately. Actually, I think I prefer “first-person explorers” more, but it’s a fine line between the two. Ideally both elements should be present. I’m going to get Red Faction, but where are Unreal 2, Jedi Knight 2, the next Duke Nuke’m, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Quake 4, Doom 3, the next Half-life installment…? Maybe they’re all waiting for this technology. I hope so. That would be a reasonable excuse in my mind. It wouldn’t make me content, per se, but it would forestall my rather unorthadox tactics of constantly badgering innocent salesmen by shaking promo boxes in their faces and repeating “Is it out yet? Huh? How about now? Is it out yet? Huh?” until they have to fend me off with one of the cheaper, more expendable keyboards.

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