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Apr 24 2001

Sometimes I lean out the window in the bathroom, t…

Sometimes I lean out the window in the bathroom, the only window in the office that opens, and just smell the outside air. Theoretically, the office air is cleaner, being air conditioned and all, but I just love the smell of outside air, even if it is outside air in Taipei.

The guy at the China Post said they don’t take any articles over 1,000 words, and they don’t split articles up into segments. So I slashed my story down from 3,400 words to 1,054 words and sent it in. Don’t worry, though, I will definitely put the whole, unabridged version on my site here. Then you can learn all about Penghu!

One of these days I am going to lose it and start throwing unattended ‘mobile’ phones out the window. What is the point of a mobile phone if people don’t carry it with them? If I am describing you, then watch out, because I am on antibiotic medication today and not legally responsible for my actions.

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