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Sep 06 2001

Some snapshots of interesting things I’ve come acr…

Some snapshots of interesting things I’ve come across lately:

Not far from where I live is a restaurant whose name sounds like a euphemism for a certain affliction I won’t mention here. It’s called the “See You Again Crab” restaurant. I’ve never gone there because, to be perfectly honest, I’m not all that sure I want to see the crab again, particularly after I’ve eaten it. It’s quite popular though, almost as popular as the “Really Good” restaurant near my building. I can see the “See You Again Crab”‘s neon lights from my window, flashing all the way across the park.

Ok, the goal of a gym is to exercise, right? They have running machines, weight machines, step machines, etc. So why would a gym need an escalator? What kind of gym is this? One of those relaxing, effortless gyms?

At a corner near my office is a woman who’s got a great set-up. She runs a betelnut business in the back of her little blue truck. The truck has become a permanent part of the road. She pays no rent or taxes on property. She has electricity and cable TV lines hooked up from across the street so she can watch HBO while she prepares her betelnuts. The cab of the truck is full of ghost money and she plays buddhist chants on a stereo. Her business is called “Great Kaohsiung Betelnut”. Sweet. I used to chew betelnut when I was in the army, but my dentist told me to cut it out or he would sick the attendent with the really bad breath on me.

I went back to the travel agent this evening, and it turns out that Lorenzo found me round-trip tickets on Singapore Airlines to Perth, Australia for a little over NT$30,000, which is less than I had expected to have to pay. I’d have to spend over 6 hours during stopover in Singapore, but maybe I could spend a little time in the city before taking off again. I quite liked Singapore when I was there last time.

Now all I have to do is get official approval for taking all of my annual leave all at once. I was told that it wouldn’t be a problem, but one never knows. I’d better not be too late to work tomorrow morning, just in case.

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