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Jun 26 2001

Since you’ve seen the site of my blogging from wor…

Since you’ve seen the site of my blogging from work, I figured you might also be interested in where I blog from when I am at my humble abode. This is where I am sitting right now, typing this entry. Creepy, ain’t it?

What, exactly, is the “A-list”? Is there an actual A-list, or is it some half-mythical group of people whose names are part of some secret blogging elite? Is it like Metafilter, which everyone adores but which doesn’t accept new members? I keep hearing about it but I have never seen it, sort of like the show “Sex in the City.” Can anyone tell me what is so darn-tootin’ special about the blogs which are so fortunate as to belong to this legendary ‘A-list’? Is it like the ‘A-team’, where a group of bloggers break out of a maximum security prison and blow up things to help the less fortunate as well as their own ratings? That, at least, I could believe.

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