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Aug 25 2001

Rather than devoting my precious weekend to the us…

Rather than devoting my precious weekend to the usual selfish pursuits, I have put together a short tour of my room. I figure this is the only way anyone is going to see it, and since my turtles are acting very nervously today (they’re in a washbasin at the foot of the bookshelves, in case you’re curious), possibly heralding an impending earthquake, I figured I would at least capture the scene of so much debauchery (most of it solitary) for the sake of posterity. Note that I did not bother to alter it in any way from its original state; this is more or less what I come home to every day. Try not to be too jealous.

Yes, today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, but I haven’t really been out to enjoy it. Don’t see how I could, actually. Why isn’t there a Singles Day, you ask? Because every day is Singles Day! We’re single 24-7-365, baby!

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