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Sep 10 2001

Oops. It turns out that Anika is not only a real p…

Oops. It turns out that Anika is not only a real person, but she is the very individual my friend Vidal said wanted to talk to me about filmmaking when he called me a couple of months ago. She even (gasp!) reads this website.

Ok, so paranoia didn’t work out so well for me this time. It still has an impressive track record.

Anyway, it turns out that Anika could fill in for me at least part of the time, which might be enough. I don’t know how much they pay here for part-time work, though. There’s another guy interested who might be able to come in the mornings when Anika can’t come in, but again, I don’t know if he would be interested in the salary, since I don’t actually know what the salary is. Argh! I haven’t been able to wring a definite answer from the bean-counters, which means that, basically, I still don’t know what’s going to happen with my leave. Lorenzo managed to generate a fake confirmation number for my ticket to Perth, which should hold it for a while, but hopefully I’ll know what’s going on by Wednesday.

My boss said she would call Anika and discuss the pay rate. I asked what the pay rate would be, so I could tell the other guy, but my boss wouldn’t tell me. “I’ll discuss that with them myself,” she told me. Huh? Is it classified or something?

Gee, I wish I had the time and resouces to go to Frey Day, where I could get the chance to feel alienated and be ignored by real-life A-listers! I can picture it now: me, wearing a little sticker with “Hi! I’m _____” written on it, wandering around listening to web designers talk over my head about CSS and javascript, snagging some wine and mixing it with whatever soft drink/laundry detergent was available and drinking it until I was comfortable with the conversation I was making with myself. I mean, what would I talk about with most of these people?

Me: So…(thinks)…how often do you all update your archives?

Ev: I dunno. I have a intern do that for me.

Jason: I wrote a program that would do it for me. Its IQ is higher than yours.

Meg: I network through a… -wait a minute, who are you again?

Me: Does the name “Poagao” ring a bell?

*blank stares*

Me: Ah. Ok….anyone up for stinky beancurd?

*strained silence*

Me: No? Just me then?

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