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Jun 12 2001

One of our clients, the name of which I won’t ment…

One of our clients, the name of which I won’t mention here except that it is Nokia, has asked our IT department to increase our security, in fear that someone may wander by an unattended computer and read email on it. So our IT department, which either cannot figure out how to or is not interested in arranging it so that saving every Word document crashes any computer it is on(“It’s a LAN thing, nothing we can do about it,” they tell me), has implemented a system by which we have to enter out 8-digit password every ten minutes.

Every. Ten. Minutes.

And here I thought the environment here was plenty annoying already. First unattended cellphones and vapid conversations, then freezing temperatures and Ono Lisa. Now the passwords. What’s next? Are they going to require us to climb up the side of the building using suction cups every morning? Jump over trained alligators as we walk in the door? Make us study the collected high-school essays of Brittany Spears?

I swear, if it weren’t for the fact that I have a minor crush on one of the IT guys, I’d….uh, I’d, well…I don’t know what I’d do, but I’m sure it would involve either carniverous ferns or some sort of eel.

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