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Jul 30 2001

On this typhoon-inspired holiday, I did: practical…

On this typhoon-inspired holiday, I did: practically nothing. Unless you count sleeping, creating a little theme park in a washbasin for newly-named turtles Jaques and Diva, and eating pizza while I gasped in open admiration for the action sequences in Lethal Weapon 4. One cool thing about DVD is that I can skip over the mushy dialogue bits and get right to the whole purpose behind this kind of film, which is basically Jet Li and a kick-ass car chase/Pontiac commerical.

The director from the other night didn’t call, so I assume he found someone else to help him out. I would really have liked to help him out; I would even have taken a couple days off work to do it. The thing with having a steady job is that, when an opportunity comes along, you’re not free to take it. I worked on films with Edward Yang and his Gang when I was unemployed, travelling up from Hsinchu for a few months at a time…I guess being independently wealthy is really the way to go if you want to pursue a career in filmmaking.

The other day I came across a couple of interestingly marked cars. The first one was this ridiculous, illegally parked Lexus SUV with a Buddhist swastika on it. At least I assume it was a Buddhist swastika, since you don’t see many real-life nazis running around these days, and you really would think they’d buy German. Even so, I have to admit that I can see the Lexus SUV (the pretentious, fake one, not the real SUV they make, the one based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, which is actually one of the best off-road vehicles you can buy) as the vehicle of choice for the discriminating nazi. I can certainly see it better than I could see it as the chosen mode of transportation for your average Buddhist. I would also think that Nazis are more likely to park illegally than Buddhists. I could be wrong about this, though.

Another disturbingly marked car I came across recently was a Zace truck with the words “Super Dadi Belong to Baby’s World” written on the sides and back. I can only hope this guy is not a chauffer, as this doesn’t exactly instill confidence in his level of maturity. I also hope that “Baby” is his daughter and that she is less than two years old. If she were, say, 17 and her father picked her up from school in that car, she would probably evaporate in embarrassment right then and there. This would actually be cool to watch. I’d buy tickets.

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