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Aug 09 2001

Okay, thanks again to Daniel, my Netscape problem …

Okay, thanks again to Daniel, my Netscape problem is fixed. Now that the other half can read this account, I expect my popularity to soar immediately!

I just got back from seeing Planet of the Apes, and I have to say I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, Marky Mark can’t act his way out of a paper bag, the dialogue was inane, the story ridiculous, the “surprise ending” not much of a surprise and the totally unnecessary blond women was…well, totally unnecessary. But on the other hand, it’s fricken Planet of the Apes! There were planets! There were apes! Michael Clarke Duncan kicked ass! Gorillas everywhere!

Ok, so I’m a bit bipolar about the whole thing. Bottom line: if you’re really into apes, go see this movie. Otherwise….see it but check first to see if there’s really nothing else you’d rather watch on.

My interview is tomorrow morning. Apparently they are holding all four interviews back-to-back, so the candidates will likely get to meet each other. Maybe they’re hoping we get into a fight in the hallway, thus making their job easier by eliminating some if not all but one candidate. I went out last night and bought some dress pants, which look black but I suspect are really dark green in the sunlight. I dug up the old pre-tied tie from my army dress greens (no, I don’t know how to tie a tie…never really had to) and found a couple of white dress shirts. The problem is, one of the dress shirts was all wrinkled up, and I don’t own, much less know how to operate an iron. A-ha! I thought as I dug out a brand-new, unopened white shirt from my closet. But upon closer inspection, it turned out that the new shirt is even more wrinkled than the old one, but in that new-shirt kind of way, with a tic-tac-toe pattern of creases all over it. I’m sure all of the other candidates will be wearing spotless three-piece suits and Gucci shoes, dammit, they have to: Murphy’s Law. My advantage lies in the fact that I am a good editor and I have done this job before, having sat in for the guy who is leaving on several occasions in the past. Perhaps my experience will balance out the wrinkles on my shirt. One can hope, anyway.

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