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Nov 27 2001

Ok. The cloning "debate". Is it just me, or is eve…

Ok. The cloning “debate”. Is it just me, or is every single anti-cloning argument simply the rhetorical equivalent of “It’s evil! It’s just plain wrong!” I can’t find any real argument on that side at all other than that they don’t like it. It’s the same “argument” used to condemn homosexuality and anything else that these people hate with plenty of passion but woeful lack of any sort of reasoning. The best the media can do is stuff like “Religious and govrenment officials struggle with profound issues”. Heh? What’s so profound about it? I’m sure witch-burning Puritans were “struggling with profound issues.” Andrew Jackson must have “battled huge ethical implications” when he was pursuing the genocide of Native Americans. They’re religious zealots and small-minded idiots, people, no matter how much political clout they may wield.

George W. Bush stuggling with profound issues. Ooh, someone take a picture.

The annoying program on the TV at the noodle place up the street where I usually have lunch was called Liumang Jiaoshou or “Professor Gangster” and stars an old friend of mine, Yang Lie. Yang Lie was a popular singer for a long time, and he’s always been dabbling in acting as well. I haven’t gotten in touch with him in years, but seeing him on the screen looking concerned at all of the crying females around him (there are always crying, or at least very sad females sprinkled liberally throughout every Taiwanese TV show), it brought back memories of my time in the TV industry here, back when I was a camera assistant and cameraman at TVBS and some other stations. A far grittier, more down-to-earth existance that was, compared to my present way of life. It was a lot more interesting as well. I was dirt poor and struggling at the time, and no doubt it seems a lot rosier now that I know it all turned out ok, but at least every day was different.

“Violence!” Seamus stared at me as he uttered that word the other day while we were practicing swordplay in the bamboo grove. He noted that I seem to lack something these days, a certain killer instinct, not bothering anymore to envision my opponent lying at my feet with my sword stuck in his throat. I need to realize the impermanance of my situation and react with the violence of a wave crashing on a beach after gathering itself up across long miles of empty ocean. The sounds of typing on keyboards, accounts, clients, repeated public announcements, slimy wheedling and cubicle politics…all of this is a waste of time, and this time is too valuable to waste here, staring at a 15″ computer monitor and occasionally editing some vapid copy full of unoriginal blather concerning feminine products. I’m not going anywhere with this, nor is there anywhere I can go in this direction. I’m just treading water for no reason other than that I don’t happen to be drowning at the moment.

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