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Oct 17 2001

Ok, ok…I finally sold out and installed comments…

Ok, ok…I finally sold out and installed comments. First Luke, then Tom….I should take a course in peer pressure management or something, ’cause I suck. And now you can tell me just how much I suck. Oh, rapture.

Old high-school friend Shawn sent me this flash site. My favorite is the angy robot. Remind you of anyone?

Speaking of the angry robot, he made an appearance today at work when I was informed that I will have to work overtime on Friday, which is, of course, the day I have sword practice. This means that I will get off at 6, go to sword practice, and then come back to the office at 9 p.m. and work revising some vapid project text until God Knows When, before I can go home, go to sleep and wake up extremely early for the sword competition on Saturday. I was told this right after I finished editing a company-wide email from the Big Big Boss, wherein she explains that our salaries have been frozen, so no raises until everyone has stopped running around like a bunch of headless chickens squawking about the big bad global economic slowdown!

All I know is that I’d better find something better for after Chinese New Years. I also need to find out how much of a New Year’s Bonus we’ll be getting this year. If it’s less than two months’ salary, then fuck it. I’m gone. Unfortunately, that bit of information seems to be a closely guarded secret, so it looks like I’ll have to wait until the New Year’s party to find out whether I have just wasted the next four months.

Did I mention that our new office will be one of those “Open Office” deals? How many years ago did that trend fade in the rest of the world? And we’re just picking it up? Sheesh! What’s really funny is that, while it’s supposed to be all egalitarian and shit, the boss has decided to ameliorate some of the complaints by giving senior management their own offices, while everyone else while have to fend for themselves in the Big Wide Open Office. Nice.

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