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Oct 24 2001

Oh, lord am I stuffed. I just had a huge meal of p…

Oh, lord am I stuffed. I just had a huge meal of pasta and milk sucked through Tim-tam chocolates while watching a couple of Jackie Chan’s Police Story movies, which I brought down with me on DVD. I also stuffed my face at lunch with the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in Fremantle today. Ironically, next door to the fish place, located on the docks, was a McDonalds. Who, may I ask, would go to a McDonald’s when the World’s Best Fish and Chips is located right next door? We came that close to taking our meals over to the McD’s and thrusting our delicious meals under the noses of the patrons there and demanding an explanation for their presence at a clearly susbstandard eating establishment. But we thought better of it and didn’t want to be arrested, so we went to look for toothbrush covers at camping stores and had chocolate cheesecake yoghurt in front of an indie music store. Fremantle is very obviously a hippy beach town, but remarkably clean in a touristy sort of way. Not many trees, but lots of old old buildings in surprisingly good shape. I kept stopping before crossing roads, being used as I am to cars actually going out of their way to run me down, while everyone else walked across unconcerned. Apparently that’s the way traffic works here. Go figure.

When we got back to Perth and were heading for the bus, I made a chance remark to my friend Simon about Lamingtons, which are apparently some kind of dessert I’d like to try. He immediately embarked upon a personal quest to find Lamingtons and Tim Tams. We went to store after store, but nobody had either one. We even tried McSnack, so desperate was our cause. I had begun to suspect that this was all a trick that Aussies play on people just arrived from abroad, much like the “Left-handed Smoke Shifter” prank they played on me in boy scouts (“TC, go get me a Left-handed Smoke Shifter.” “But sir, you’re not left-handed.” “Just do it, dammit!”). As we searched, we passed a hippie playing a flute while sitting in front of a store. A man came up and offered the hippie money if the hippie would just go away. Eventually, however, SImon proved the existance of the fabled Lamingtons when we found them at a grocery store after circumnavigating the entire downtown area at least twice. And now I’m completely stuffed. The chance of salad tomorrow is rather high, I’m afraid.

I still don’t have a definite place to stay in Sydney. Anyone know of a good park where I can linger around in and rob tourists for food money?

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