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Dec 12 2001

Now it’s sunny outside, and the green shoulders of…

Now it’s sunny outside, and the green shoulders of Yangming Shan are just visible through the haze up Longjiang St, which runs down behind our building. I walked up it during my lunch break to the local Watson’s to get some Tums when, what should I find on sale inside but Tim Tams! All flavors! Almost by reflex, my hand shot out and grabbed a box of “Chewy Caramel”. Surely this was new; there’s no way they were on sale here before I went to Australia and learned about them there? Now I just need some milk to suck through them.

On my way back from lunch I passed a Yamaha RZR similar to mine, and I found that it had even more kilometers on its odemeter than mine does. Over 20,000 more, in fact. Perhaps that is why it never moves. I’ll be lucky if I can wrench another 20,000 kilometers out of my motorcycle.

We’ve arranged to meet at Cafe Odeon, near Shi-da, tonight at 6:30. Hopefully there will be food there, but if not there’s plenty of restaurants around there. And I’m already pretty full from the Tim Tams anyway.

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