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Oct 18 2001

Not long after I first started working at my prese…

Not long after I first started working at my present job, I noticed that there was a bright-red Yamaha FZR motorcycle parked in front of the 7-Eleven downstairs where I buy my breakfast every day.

A month of two later, I noticed that the FZR had scrapes and dents all down one side. It’s rider had obviously leaned too far over in a curve or hit a patch of grease. A few days later the FZR had gotten a new faring, and the bike was now purple. This guy had money, but was a reckless rider. Many guys buy FZRs because they look like racing bikes, but they aren’t actually that fast.

Within a month the now-purple motorcycle had gotten into yet another accident and was all banged up again. Not long after that, it was replaced by a silver Honda NSR, which is a much faster bike. I cringed when I saw that. The rider had just purchased himself a much more dangerous machine. I hoped that he had learned some patience as well.

I haven’t seen the NSR for over a week now. It hasn’t been replaced by another racing bike. It hasn’t been replaced at all.

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