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May 08 2001

Luke likes my site! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy …

Luke likes my site! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But he’s been doing this longer than I have, so go look at his site, which is at captainfez.com

Warm, grey and humid, weather-wise…went to the doctor last night and got the traditional bag o’ pills so I can feel goofy for the next couple of days, which is fine with me, as long as it gets rid of this lingering cough and malaise. I decided not to cave in to the pressure and am going to make name cards with “TC Lin” on them. To whomever thinks I am keeping myself from stardom because nobody is going to like anything anyone Taiwanese does, sorry. I get enough crap in my daily life as it is, I’m not about to start serving it out myself. I have enough trouble dealing with my laundry; I don’t need this.

Got some complaints that my links were hard to read, so I lightened the colors, and I also reformatted the menus so that people who use 800×600 resolution can view them better. I swear, the things I do for you people. *puts hands on hips and shakes head* Now I just have to figure out why my computer isn’t getting along with my scanner all of the sudden and I can add more pictures and other stuff, including my Penghu story, which is over 3,400 words long, so long the newspapers wouldn’t print it(as far as I know), so it’s somewhat of an exclusive. Plus a new story or two for the News page. Yup, yer in for a treat, you are.

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