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Jul 19 2001

Listening to Wu Bai’s "Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird" a…

Listening to Wu Bai’s “Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird” album. This is best album to take with you when you leave Taiwan, just to bring a little bit of Taiwan when you are not here. I listened to it when I was in New York, Oklahoma and LA in 1999. Great for walking long distances to, as I found out when I realized that LA isn’t someplace you can just hail a cab from one of the thousands in the immediate vicinity at any given time like one can in Taipei. Also, all of the songs are in Taiwanese, which can be cool if it’s Wu Bai(or Go Ba?) singing them and not some sappy, whiny, sad-looking girl looking morosely off into the distance. The lyrics to “Air Alert” are quite funny, actually. Wu Bai actually sings the way people talk, which is refreshing. I didn’t like his early stuff much, but this album is the cat’s pajamas and I dare anyone to play the title track without being consumed by an uncontrol urge to ruin speakers with sheer volume. I wanna be a bass player.

Now for the Diet Control section of the Journal: The knife fight went ok. Dr. Wei is a stocky, jolly fellow, which I like in a surgeon. He even showed me the little scrap of flesh he dug out, probably much in the same fashion as one eats kiwifruit, probably just enough to feed a piranha. I get the stitches out in a couple of weeks, and in the meantime I get to pretend that I did actually get into a scrap.

Oh. The Webby Awards are going on. Rah.

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