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Jul 25 2001

Lately I’ve been wondering if Taiwan is going thro…

Lately I’ve been wondering if Taiwan is going through its own version of the Cultural Revolution. It seems that people are being made to feel ashamed of their own culture, being made to feel as if Chinese language, traditions, culture, religion, etc, are all sub-par and inherently inferior. Who is behind this? Good question. In China 30 years ago it was the government that started the ball rolling. Here it is a combination of aggresive Western marketing practices, HBO, McDonalds and a huge swath of generally shallow, gullible people making decisions about what is socially acceptable. This revolution is less violent than China’s, but it also seems to be ongoing and insideous rather than blatant and shocking. I wonder if this will make it more effective in the long run as well.

Ach, I need to get out of Taipei. Maybe that is my problem. I just need a vacation and change of venue.

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