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Jul 03 2001

Last night, as I was walking back to fetch my moto…

Last night, as I was walking back to fetch my motorcycle from the company parking lot after having dinner with a friend from work, an old man came up to me with an excited look on his face. “Great! Wonderful! Fantastic!” he said, giving me the thumbs-up sign.

“Huh?” I said, but he kept pouring on the mysterious accolades without further explanation, so I just kept walking. Later on I went to the 7-Eleven next door to the Taipei Mosque, which is next to my building, and there was another old man inside reading the newspaper. When I started looking for some snacks at the counter near him, he gave me a dirty look, folded his paper, and went to another part of the store. It was a small store, so when I got within 20 feet of him again looking for a drink, he gave a loud harrumph! and went through the same elaborate folding of his paper and evacuation to another part of the store. As I passed him on the way to the checkout he looked like he was disgusted with my mere existance and began to mutter threateningly under his breath. It was all really bizarre. I briefly considered asking him what his problem was, but it looked like a rather serious case of lunacy, so I left it alone.

I examined myself to see whether I had accidently put on certain attire which would cause people to think I was some well-known figure such as JFK, Michael Stipe or one of the more controversial Teletubbies, but I was still apparently just me, wearing relatively normal clothes. Strange.

Another interesting website I’ve found off of the Blogs of Note: Asian Bastard. I find that the great majority of the newer weblogs are all “Robin called. I think she hates me. My car rocks! Stephanie loves my new do:):):) I’m hungry” and that sort of thing, so as the number of vapid weblogs increases, finding a really entertaining one becomes rarer and rarer.

Tonight Jason, who is playing the lead role in “A Man for All Seasons”, is going to meet me so we can rehearse our one scene together. I have been trying to memorize my lines, and it seems that I have them down, but I haven’t tried to actually act them out with anyone before, so it should be interesting. I always envision myself doing a bang-up job and end up just being happy I remembered my lines at all, much less deliver them with any sort of technique.

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