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Apr 25 2001

Last night, as I made my way towards the MRT stati…

Last night, as I made my way towards the MRT station near Chungshan Middle, -er, Junior Hight school, I heard someone yelling, “Excuse me! Outa the way!” I caught a glimpse of a couple pushing a couple of those stands one hangs clothes on, both stuffed with hanging children’s clothes, just before they ran right into me and knocked me down. Immediately the man pulled me to my feet so the two could proceed with their getaway from the pursuing police. Only there were no pursuing police. Apparently it was a false alarm.

I admit that I could have dodged the stand easily enough had I wanted to, and that my real objective was to knock the stands down. I did manage to scatter quite a few ‘precious’ little outfits on the wet sidewalk, but I didn’t actually bring the whole thing down.

I will try to do better next time.

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