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May 10 2001

Just what the doctor ordered: the contents of the …

Just what the doctor ordered: the contents of the 200 ml bottole of “Kingdom” Mixture(or “Brown Mixture”) of Compound Glycyrrhiza that the supposedly modern Western-tradition doctor at the Taiwan Adventist Hospital prescribed for my cough:

Glycyrrhiza fluid extract
Antimony pot. tartrate
Spirit ethyl nitrite
Opium camphor tincture

Damn! Sounds like the mixture from Ye Olde Alchemist as a cure for hogwarts and demonic possession! I have to say, though, I have grown quite fond of the opium, and the pot ain’t bad, either. I don’t even mind that it leaks and has eaten through the bottom of my backpack.

Last night I actually opened up the file on my computer where I am keep the book I keep wanting to write, and I actually worked on it a bit! It may sound trivial to you, but I haven’t done that in years! It’s over 40,000 words long so far and it has just been sitting on my harddrive for literally years. But I have been slow in realizing what it means to me, I guess, and I must finish it relatively soon, no matter what. It’s just something that has to happen before anything else can, really, and I have long since run out of excuses. If I can check that off my list of things to do, I’ll feel a lot better about the Next Stage, whatever it is.

I’d write more right now, but I’ve literally got shitloads of work to do right now.

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