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Jun 24 2001

Just returned from Dean’s Airport-side Bar-and-Gri…

Just returned from Dean’s Airport-side Bar-and-Grill, where he, Carl and I gather to watch Star Trek TNG episodes every Sunday. They want me to consider playing a part in the play they are putting on, “A Man for All Seasons“. The request took me by surprise, I have to say. I am used to directing rather than being directed. Still, I enjoy the challenge of doing things that scare me. The main thing for me would be remembering that many lines and avoiding stage fright.

It is so comfortable knowing that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, which we have off because it is Dragonboat Festival and a national holiday. Having Monday off makes Sunday so much nicer.

The camera I bought seems to work just fine…I still need to get the hang of the controls, since the manual is in Japanese and is therefore mostly useless to me. Here is one of the experimental pictures I took with it this afternoon in the park across the street. Here’s another. It has a 3x (optical) zoom, which is pretty decent for its small size. The colors are kind of strange, but I need to figure out the white balance and other aspects.

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